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Devonport’s Sport Infrastructure Set for $60 Million Upgrade

Devonport is on the cusp of a significant transformation in its sport infrastructure, with a comprehensive $60 million investment plan that has garnered bipartisan political support. This Sport Infrastructure Priority Investment Plan is a strategic initiative aimed at enhancing the city’s sporting facilities, including the construction of a new indoor stadium at Devonport Oval, upgrades to the corporate viewing area and amenities at Valley Road.

The funding commitment includes $25 million from both of Australia’s major political parties, complementing the $35.2 million already allocated by the council and the federal government, which includes a substantial federal contribution of $25 million.

Central to the plan is the development of a six-court indoor stadium within the Devonport Oval Precinct. This facility is designed to support a variety of sports and community activities, with an additional five and a half outdoor courts enhancing its versatility. The investment also extends to the Valley Road Regional Football Centre, where improvements are aimed at enhancing the spectator experience and supporting the growth of football in the region.

This ambitious plan reflects a collaborative effort between local, state, and federal levels of government, highlighting the importance of sport and recreation in fostering community engagement and promoting an active lifestyle in Devonport. As these projects progress, they are expected to significantly improve the quality of sporting infrastructure in the city, benefiting athletes, spectators, and the broader community.