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Anzac Day
Event Review

Honour and Remembrance: ANZAC Day Services in Devonport 2024

On ANZAC Day, the community of Devonport came together in solemn remembrance to honour the sacrifices of our servicemen and women. The day commenced with
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Silhouette of person with lantern by foggy dock with ship.

Ghosts of Devonport: The Maritime Spirit of William Chapman

The city of Devonport, Tasmania, steeped in maritime history, is home to a lingering presence from its storied past. The Devonport Bass Strait Maritime Centre,
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Abstract road knots in scenic landscape.

Plugging Into Devonport: Your Guide to Electric Car Charging Stations

Devonport is equipped with several strategically placed charging stations to ensure that electric car users can travel around the city and beyond without range anxiety.
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Recycling symbol and assorted batteries on table.
Information for Residents

Battery Recycling Locations in Devonport

Welcome to our dedicated page for battery recycling in Devonport! As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we provide you with the necessary resources
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Tasmanian organic raspberry chocolate bar on wood.
Local Products

Dear Valentine – Raspberry Chocolate Review

Venturing into the sweet and sumptuous world of artisanal treats, we’ve discovered a hidden gem at the Devonport Farmers Market: an exquisite bar of chocolate
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Art restoration workshop with tools and pottery.
Business Openings

Embark on a Mesopotamian Mystery at Devonport’s Newest Escape Room

Nestled on the outskirts of Devonport, the newly opened “Escape Devonport” at 40a Don Road, offers a thrilling journey back to ancient times with its
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