Devonport City Council supports e-scooter trial in the municipality

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At the latest council meeting, the Devonport City Council voted to support a 12 month commercially operated E-scooter hire trial in the Devonport municipality. At this stage, they have made no decision regarding who will operate said trial.

The council supported recommendation two, which would allow the commencement of a 12 month trial, which would exclude residential areas of the municipality and would restrict operation of the scooters to established recreational trials only.

Geo fencing technology will be included on hireable Scooters that is able to prevent them from travelling outside of the approved areas and these Scooters can self-regulate their speed.

E-scooters would provide a new and cost-effective form of transportation for residents and tourists seeking an alternative to walking. This mode of transport would offer a great way for people to view the walking trails in Devonport.

Commercial e-scooter hire programs are currently being operated in Hobart and other cities around the world with success.

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