Charcoal Chicken Devonport Review

chicken cooking over charcoal
chicken cooking over charcoal

Charcoal Chicken is a well-known restaurant in Devonport that is famous for its delicious rotisserie chicken cooked over hot coals, resulting in tender and juicy meat that is full of flavor. The restaurant also offers a range of healthy salads that perfectly complement their main dishes.

Recently, I placed an order for a chicken pack that included a chicken leg, vegetables, and gravy over the phone from Charcoal Chicken. During the ordering process, I requested to replace the peas with extra potatoes, which was confirmed by the person taking my order.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, there was a slight wait of around 10 minutes before I was able to collect my order. Although the restaurant is often busy, the staff were friendly and welcoming, which made the wait more bearable.

charcoal chicken devonport chicken pack
charcoal chicken devonport chicken pack

When I arrived home and opened my chicken pack, I discovered that there were no extra potatoes included in my order. This was disappointing, but the rotisserie chicken was still delicious, with a smoky and savoury flavour that is characteristic of charcoal-grilled food. The fresh vegetables and rich gravy were also excellent, and added an extra dimension of flavour to the meal.

Overall, Charcoal Chicken is an excellent choice for anyone looking for flavourful food. Although there may be a wait time at the restaurant, ordering over the phone can save time. While there was a mistake with my order, the quality of the food and the friendly staff made for an enjoyable experience. If you’re in the area and craving some mouth-watering rotisserie chicken, Charcoal Chicken is definitely worth a visit.

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