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Bluff Beach

Mersey Bluff Beach, situated in the heart of Devonport, Tasmania, is a picturesque and tranquil destination. Known for its stunning natural beauty and cultural heritage, it offers visitors an enchanting coastal experience.

Natural Beauty

The beach is a slice of paradise with its golden sands and the azure waters of Bass Strait. Ideal for peaceful strolls, it provides a sensory feast with the gentle sea breeze and soothing sound of the waves. The majestic Bluff, a striking headland, forms a magnificent backdrop, enhancing the beach’s scenic allure.

Lighthouse and Indigenous Heritage

The iconic Mersey Bluff Lighthouse, with its distinctive red and white stripes, stands proudly on the headland. This historical beacon adds a touch of maritime charm. The area is also significant for its Aboriginal heritage, featuring ancient rock carvings that reflect the deep cultural roots of the Tasmanian Aboriginal people.

Recreation and Activities

Mersey Bluff Beach is a hub for various activities. The clear waters make it a favourite for swimming enthusiasts. Surfers find the waves here particularly enticing. Families enjoy the nearby park for picnics, offering facilities and breathtaking ocean views. The beach is also a starting point for scenic walking trails, leading adventurers to explore more of Devonport’s captivating coastline.

Safety and Surf Life Saving Club

Ensuring the safety of all beachgoers, the Devonport Surf Life Saving Club plays a pivotal role. During the summer months, their skilled and vigilant patrols provide peace of mind, making the beach a safer place for everyone to enjoy the ocean’s pleasures.

Wildlife and Conservation

The beach and surrounding areas are a haven for diverse wildlife, including various seabirds. Ongoing conservation efforts help protect this rich biodiversity, making the beach a perfect spot for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers.

Events and Community Spirit

Mersey Bluff Beach comes alive with community events and celebrations throughout the year. Whether it’s local surf contests or beachside festivals, the vibrant community spirit enhances the beach’s charm.

Accessibility and Amenities

The beach is easily accessible, with sufficient parking and wheelchair-friendly paths. Facilities like clean public toilets, showers, and barbeque areas ensure a comfortable visit for everyone.


Mersey Bluff Beach in Devonport is more than just a picturesque shoreline; it’s a blend of natural splendour, historical significance, and vibrant community life. Whether seeking a serene escape, a family outing, or a touch of Tasmania’s cultural heritage, Mersey Bluff Beach is a destination that offers a unique and fulfilling experience for all.