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Mr Good Guy Devonport Dinner Menu Review




Mr Good Guy in Devonport, Tasmania is a must-visit for anyone looking for delicious Asian cuisine in a friendly and professional atmosphere. I recently dined at Mr Good Guy and was impressed with the experience from start to finish.

mr good guy dinner menu review hawker stall hainanese chicken rice
Mr Good Guy dinner menu review hawker stall hainanese chicken rice

Upon arrival, I was greeted by friendly and professional staff, who made me feel welcome right away. For my meal, I decided to start with the Hawker Stall Hainanese Chicken Rice. They presented this dish on two plates; one plate had the rice, chicken, and Bok Choy, while the second plate had the broth in a bowl and smaller cups of soy sauce, chilli, and ginger sauce. The chicken was tender, and the rice was perfectly cooked, with the flavours of the sauces blending together perfectly. The chilli added a nice kick of flavour to the dish.

mr good guy dinner menu review khao niaow ma muang
Mr Good Guy dinner menu review khao niaow ma muang

For dessert, I ordered the Khao Niaow Ma Muang which was sticky rice surrounded by fresh mango, and had chilled sweetened coconut milk. The dessert was the perfect way to end the meal, as it refreshed my palate. The sticky rice, sweet coconut milk, and fresh mango worked well together. The service was great, however; the dessert took a while to come out after the main meal, but the staff apologised for the delay.

Mr Good Guy Review - Fish Water Jug
Mr Good Guy Review – Fish Water Jug

In terms of price, Mr Good Guy offers excellent value for money. For my main meal and dessert, I only paid $42, which is not too expensive compared to other restaurants of this level in Australia. The presentation of the food was great and while I was at the restaurant, the place was busy with locals and tourists.


In conclusion, Mr Good Guy is my favorite Asian restaurant in Devonport. They use fresh ingredients, have great prices, and the food is delicious. If you are visiting Devonport or if you live in Devonport, this restaurant is a must-visit. I am looking forward to visiting again and trying out their breakfast menu.

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