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Honour and Remembrance: ANZAC Day Services in Devonport 2024

On ANZAC Day, the community of Devonport came together in solemn remembrance to honour the sacrifices of our servicemen and women. The day commenced with the Dawn Service at the cenotaph on the banks of the Mersey River. As dawn broke, the Spirit of Tasmania majestically entered Devonport, providing a poignant backdrop to the ceremony. As attendees reflected in silence, the service was highlighted by the moving notes of the Last Post, evoking a deep sense of national pride and loss. The moment was further underscored by a spectacular sunrise, symbolizing new beginnings and the enduring spirit of those we commemorated.

Vibrant sunset with people by water in Australia.
dawn service 2024 sunrise
Nighttime Anzac Day service at Australian war memorial.
devonport dawn service 2024
Sunset at Australian war memorial with people.
dawn service 2024

The Morning Service built on the reverence of the dawn, beginning with the ANZAC Day parade—a vivid display of community and remembrance. The streets around the cenotaph buzzed with energy as locals and visitors alike gathered to honour the legacy of the ANZACs. The ceremony featured impactful speeches and vibrant performances by the Right on Cue Choir and the Devonport Brass Band, which stirred the emotions of all present.

Commemorative service at Australian war memorial.
Woman placing poppy at remembrance ceremony in Australia.
Officer speaking at Australian remembrance ceremony

Both services, impeccably organised by the Devonport City Council and the RSL Club, were deeply resonant, with the Last Post played at each, reinforcing the gravity of the day. This solemn bugle call, a hallmark of ANZAC services, brought home the ultimate sacrifices made in the pursuit of peace.

The events of the day left a profound impact on all who participated, serving not only as a tribute to past sacrifices but also as a reminder of the strength and resilience of the Devonport community. As we left the cenotaph, the spirit of ANZAC was palpable, reminding us that their legacy will forever be etched in our memories and our national identity.