Haines Park Devonport

haines park
haines park

Haines Park is a beautiful waterfront location in Devonport, Tasmania, named after the late Frederick Haines, a local merchant, community leader, and philanthropist who passed away in 1951. The park was opened in 2022 and is located in the waterfront precinct of Devonport, across the road from the paranaple centre and paranaple arts centre.

The park features a variety of amenities and activities for visitors to enjoy including a bus transit interchange, a grass amphitheatre for local outdoor events, a mist water feature, the Novotel Hotel and an upcoming sculpture park.

Frederick Haines established a timber merchant and construction company, with one of his timber yards on part of the area which now bears his name. Visitors can enjoy the park while learning about the legacy of the local community leader.

The park offers a variety of activities and amenities for all ages, making it a must-visit destination for residents and visitors alike.

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