Devonport City Council approves controversial petrol station development


Devonport City Guide
January 24, 2023

The Devonport City Council has made a controversial decision in approving the construction of an On the Run petrol station, fast food and car wash business located on the site of 10 & 11 Formby Road. The council voted in favour of the development despite concerns about the impact on Elizabeth Street and Formby Road junction and the unreasonable impact on the amenity of the adjacent residential property to the west.

The council minutes provided two recommendations for the council to consider, one to refuse the application, and the other to approve the application with conditions. However, the council members voted in favour of the development, with only two members voting against it.

Critics of the development argue that the increased vehicle movements from the site will negatively impact the safety of the Elizabeth Street and Formby Road junction, as well as the efficiency of the road network. Additionally, concerns have been raised about the impact of the proposed carwash on the amenity of the adjacent residential property.

Proponents of the development, however, argue that the new petrol station, fast food, and car wash will provide jobs and economic benefits to the community.

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